● Auto Pressure Relief Doors

The pressure relief Doors are apply to open automatically in air handling unit plenum.
The doors operating at a specifeced pressure setting relieving or airflow relieving.
The doors is avdilable for pressure upper 2000pa and zero leakage on the doors close.

• SUS-304
•teflon Surface Treatment
•pneumatic cylinder

•750x750 Standed

● Teflon Interlining Air Tube Treatment

Fireproof•Anti-impact•Anti-Acid/ Alkali

Metal Processing Materials:
• SUS-304
• SUS-316
Materials thickness
•teflon Surface Treatment(Dupon Coatings)
•HALAR Surface Treatment 
● ALL-over Smoke Ventilation Compartment

•Galvauised Steel Plate-T
•Stainless Steel Plate-S
•white Electric Static Powder Coating/Spraying  
•The blade is desibned by single-plate type transmission
•The operator is a server moter or a spiral leveragegear
•The control Panel controls the unlocking of air door.First,
  control ppanel would transmit Message codes to server
  moter,while doing this, by pass air door would confirm
  the air door is unlocked. All-over shelter design makes
  the plate more elegant
•Low in leakage,and high in air density.
•morre aesthetic if linked with ceilling.
•To help compartment door of air door un normal operation,
 this product should combine with switch dercice

Product Type Code─ :
  SD - T - 1170╳570 
 Product Code Material Size